Troy Crook began his career in the hospitality industry. He worked as the General Manager of an independently owned hotel for fifteen years. During this time he gained extensive experience in customer service and business operations. In 2006 he transitioned into the banking industry. As a bank manager, he was responsible for the daily branch operations, compliance, and customer service.

Troy joined Focus On Success in 2013. His goal is to provide excellence in the area of operations. He believes it is important to approach everything in life with honesty and integrity. He truly has a desire to see people live in financial peace and be secure about their future.

Troy has a BS degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. He previously served as the Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau. He is actively involved with his church and volunteers his time as a sound technician.

Troy is originally from Kansas, but moved to Kentucky in 1991 after meeting his wife, Michelle. Together they have a daughter, Hope, and twin boys, Clark and Colin. Troy loves to spend time with family and play golf.