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Our Strategic Pathways approach to financial planning is designed to help give you the best life possible with the money you have!

Strategic Pathways

We believe success starts with a plan. That is why we have developed and refined our planning process that allows you to Know What Is Possible. We call this six-step process Strategic Pathways.

Step One: Introduction

This step establishes the basis for our relationship together. This complimentary meeting allows the client to address their planning concerns and questions, while at the same time gaining an understanding of how we can be a resource for their family.

Step Two: Discovery

This meeting is to understand the client’s current financial situation, identify their future goals, and discuss their motivations. Through this comprehensive review, we will clearly define their goals and gain a clear picture of their values.

Step Three: Vision Enhancement

During this meeting, we review the client’s current financial position and discuss ideas that will deliver value for their unique short and long-term financial goals.

Step Four: Strategic Pathways

This step brings a formal plan to the client, providing them with the foundation and the strategies for their future. In this meeting, we will layout the strategies for asset accumulation, retirement income distribution and family security.

Step Five: Fulfillment

As the client’s independent financial quarterback, we understand the importance of having a trusted advisor to assist them with the implementation of their plan. Working with our client’s existing advisors and helping to employ various financial strategies; we will be a catalyst to get things done.

Step Six: Trusted Advisor

As we work to implement the plan, ongoing monitoring is essential. We will meet with the client on a routine basis to examine the progress of their plan and report on the financial instruments used to achieve their goals.

What To Expect

The Introductory Meeting is a complimentary meeting that allows the client to address their planning concerns and questions, while at the same time gaining an understanding of how we can be a resource for their family.  After the meeting, the client is sent an engagement letter laying out the foundation of our relationship and advised of our financial planning fee and is free to accept, reject, or reconsider the services.

Once a Client accepts the proposed engagement, we will begin work on their plan that encompasses all aspects of their financial life.  For the first four to six months, we will analyze their current financial position and make recommendations to put their plan in action.  The remainder of the year we will meet regularly to check progress and assist with implementing recommendations.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

Start by selecting a goal that is most important to you.  You’ll be able to see if you’re on track and how simple adjustments can impact your ability to reach your goal.  Once you’re ready, request a consultation, and we’ll work together to build a plan to help make your financial goals a reality!

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Are You Looking Forward To Your Financial Future

Are You Looking Forward To Your Financial Future?

“You can travel any road and get somewhere, but if you know where you want to go, you must plan which roads to take.”

~ John E. Schrock
LaRed Business Network