Social Security Meets Income Coordination

GET MORE in benefits KEEP MORE of your savings

The goal as we climb the retirement mountain is to get to the top.  But as we retire, we want to make sure that we get down the mountain safely.  Social Security will provide a significant income stream during retirement and determining the right time to take Social Security can seem overwhelming.

What is Income Coordination?

Social Security will only provide a portion of a retiree’s income stream, so making sure that we make the right decisions on how you spend your assets is crucial.  By making a few smart decisions, we can help you KEEP MORE of your savings.  The right planning will allow you to:  

  • Maximize Social Security

  • Generate extended portfolio longevity

  • Reduce tax liability

  • Minimize Medicare surcharges

How Can You Maximize Your Social Security?

Here at Focus on Success, we want to remove the complexities of the Social Security system and help you to GET MORE in benefits.  We invite you to download our Guide to Social Security.  This guide was developed to provide an overview of the Social Security Program and tips to help you GET MORE in benefits.

Check how you can benefit from Income Coordination