Retirement Plan Advisory Services

A plan isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

Retirement Plan Advisory Services

Focus On Success provides independent advice for Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans and through our experience, we understand the importance of having an advisor that shares in the fiduciary responsibilities with their clients.  We assist our clients with provider selection and have the expertise to help our clients design their plan to meet their unique objectives.

It is important to continually monitor the plan’s investments, cost structure and service offerings to ensure that the plan can operate effectively while providing a “Best-in-Class” offering to their employees.

We want to go further for the employees through providing them education to help them understand the benefits of their retirement plan and be available to all participants for personal planning advice.

Accountability is at our very core

Focus On Success provides unbiased and objective institutional consulting services to corporate retirement plans. Our guiding principles of transparency, objectivity and independence are valued by clients in today’s ever-changing and complex fiduciary environment. Focus On Success’ willingness and ability to act as a co-fiduciary with respect to investment decisions adds accountability to our recommendations. Our sound fiduciary guidance and disciplined processes will help ensure that you are maximizing the benefits to your employees. Contact us for more information about our corporate retirement plans.

360° Approach to your 401k